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Ogasawara-ryu Yabusame Experience

Step into the world of the Ogasawara-ryu, a tradition that has perfected the art of mounted archery over centuries. Established during the Kamakura period, this prestigious school is deeply rooted in the samurai heritage. Our Yabusame experience is led by highly experienced instructors who play key roles in Yabusame rituals and are deeply versed in the traditions of Japan's elite warriors.

This unique opportunity allows you to engage directly with this ancient practice, learning the skills and disciplines that continue to captivate and inspire. Join us to connect with a living history and embrace the spirit of the samurai.


1. Ground training

Practice the traditional method of warming up and leg strengthening exercise.

Learn the basics of how to hold and draw a Japanese bow and load arrows.


2. Wooden horse practice

Get an introduction to the traditional training method with a stationary wooden horse, including:

  • Mounting and dismounting

  • Riding posture

  • Loading and shooting the bow from the saddle.


3. Mounted archery on horseback

Experience traditional Japanese mounted archery, Yabusame, on a real horse under the guidance of an expert instructor. This includes:

  • Witness the traditional tacking up of a horse

  • Trying Yabusame under safe, controlled conditions 

Note: At Edo Wonderland, the Yabusame experience uses a wooden horse; no real horse riding is available.

Other Information

Language: The course is conducted in English.
Equipment: All necessary equipment, including bows and arrows, is provided.
Experience Level: No prior riding experience is required.
Participant Limit: The maximum number of participants is 15.
Age Requirement: The minimum age requirement is 6 years old. Please indicate if children are participating at the time of booking.
Health Concerns: Participants with physical concerns, such as back, shoulder, or knee pain, should consult their doctor before booking.  
Safety: Participants are required to follow the instructor's safety instructions strictly.

Adapting to Weather

In case of light rain, the mounted archery experience will proceed as planned. However, for the comfort and safety of participants, should the weather conditions not permit outdoor activity, we offer an alternative program indoors. This includes a session with a wooden horse and traditional bow, without the involvement of live horses.

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