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Witness the Thrilling Art of Yabusame in Asakusa Tomorrow

Join us tomorrow for an exhilarating display of Yabusame, the traditional Japanese art of horseback archery, held at the historic Asakusa district. Revived in 1983 by the Taito Ward as a tourist event, this spectacular showcase traces its origins back to the Edo period when it was a New Year's celebration at the Asakusa Shrine.

Witness archers, clad in Kamakura-era hunting attire, demonstrate their exceptional skill and precision. Galloping at full speed, each archer will aim to hit three sequential targets, known as Ichino-mato (first target), Nino-mato (second target), and Sanno-mato (third target), with their arrows, continuing a tradition that exemplifies the samurai spirit and martial prowess.

We are excited to announce that two of our own from Shogun Stables, Ryusui and Buryu, will be participating in tomorrow's event. These magnificent horses have been trained in the ways of Yabusame and are a testament to the enduring legacy and skill of our stable.

Come and support Ryusui and Buryu as they contribute to this cultural spectacle. It's an opportunity not only to enjoy a thrilling performance but also to immerse yourself in the depth of Japanese tradition and history.

See you there!

2023 Asakusa Yabusame: Welcoming Guests from Ireland


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